July 22, 2010

So, I’ve been a lurker for years now, silently reading all your fun stories, looking at all your pretty pictures and being inspired. It’s about time that I participate fully in this community.

There were a few catalysts for finally taking action. One big one is that I’m a sewer, quilter, and crafter. There are so many exciting things happening in blogland on these subjects that I figure it could really only be beneficial to start writing. I live in an area where there’s not a lot of crafty people my age. It’s so hard to stay motivated to finish projects and try new things when I have no one to share them with. I hope my interactions here will help me increase productivity!

Another reason I am here is because I finally made my way down the Cape Cod and met Melissa and coincidentally Beth at Melissa’s shop Yummy Goods. Such a cute place and even lovelier proprietor. I’d been reading her blog for a year or so and finally decided to just bite the bullet and just visit her. There were several times on the drive down that I almost told my husband to just keep driving because I was nervous. I’m usually not the type to just introduce myself to people but Melissa and Beth made it easy to be not nervous at all. In chatting with them they strongly suggested I start blogging myself and to stop lurking. They were just so nice to me that I couldn’t help but take their advice to heart. I think I talked my husbands ear off about all this for the next 2 days.

Guess what I saw when we were heading home from that trip to the Cape…

See? Something is telling me to just give this a try.


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