It’s shark week everyone!

August 2, 2010

I’m kind of a sucker for animal shows. Probably the best of the best are, in my opinion, the shows during shark week on the Discovery Channel. Watch if you aren’t already!

In other news, my birthday was a week ago. This is officially my last year in my 20’s and I think I’m ok with it. I know some people really start to freak out about things when 30 is on the horizon I’m just not there yet. I have actually used my birthday as a reason to get out there and do more stuff.

This week I joined 2 virtual quilting bees (I know, 2 is ambitious but I think I can do it!). Both bees are mainly for beginners so there’s a little less pressure to produce perfect and super technical blocks. I will, of course, be aiming high. The challenge of working with new patterns in collaboration with a group on the same project is really exciting to me. There is not much activity where I live that involves sewing so this is a great way for me to interact with like-minded people. Bonus is that I’ll be getting mail! You just can’t beat receiving fun packages through the mail. The bees are both on Flickr. I found them via There’s a handy dandy list of ongoing bees and a Flickr page where you can network with other quilters. I kinda can’t believe it took so long to find this community.

These are a few coordinating blocks I have been working on. I love the color combination and pairing polka dots and stripes creates such a cool effect. Moving forward, I’m thinking I’d like to pull these blocks together with some Kona Chocolate. More on that later.



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