Rainy Day

July 23, 2010

I should really be sewing. I have 3 project in progress now. This weather is perfect for sitting down in front of my sewing machine and making some progress. But I’m here instead, typing away, listening to the rain.

The only thing I’ve done today is finished a book, Shiver . I know this is meant for a younger audience but I heard it was a good read and I’m a sucker for a cool looking cover. It was good. So much so that I read it in 3 days! Now that’s something accomplished, just not a tangible something. I never feel like I’ve accomplished anything unless I can see the results of my efforts; clean bathrooms, folded laundry, finished blocks, quilted fabric. You get the idea.

I just have a hard time when it’s raining. Motivation is hard to find when it’s dreary outside. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So this:

is one of the projects that’s waiting patiently for me. I completed the top last week. It’s made from a package of Moda Nouveau charm squares and Kona Snow. I used this Sew, Mama, Sew! tutorial from Oh Fransson! I ended up adding sashing to my blocks to make the quilt a little bigger and to separate the prints. It’s busy as it is but would have been so much more so if all those white lines butted into each other.

It was definitely a bit of a learning curve to get the crosses to line up correctly. I think I finally figured it out when I got through all 30 of the charm squares. As you can guess this quilt top is less than perfect. I’m ok with it though, sometimes these things are more about the process than the product for me. Next time, I want to try another one more in the style of the tutorial and vary the width and color of the crosses.

Hope you’re being more productive than me today!